The School

The School Facilities

The school has up-to-date facilities including a networked IT room, a user friendly library with internet lab, a purpose built art room and a multi-purpose science laboratory. The school has a beautiful 20 metre swimming pool and large playing fields on site.

The children attending Phoenix International Primary School are given a well-rounded education which includes a wide range of co-curricular activities in the afternoons. Older children participate and compete in our many school teams, including athletics, cross- country, cricket, football, hockey, netball and swimming. At Phoenix we encourage our pupils from an early age to be proficient in a variety of individual and team activities.

All children participate in class assemblies as well as in the annual concerts held in our purpose built hall. Concerts, one for juniors and one for seniors as well as the Christmas Concert are highlights of the year.

We believe that the happy family atmosphere will provide an educational experience which will be both fun and fulfilling. Active parent involvement in the life of the school is encouraged, through the Phoenix Parents Association.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Phoenix Family.



The School Curriculum

Phoenix International Primary School follows a broad-based curriculum and teachers use methods based on the best of the British National Curriculum, including the Numeracy and Literacy Hours. Science is taught in our multipurpose laboratory using hands on techniques to challenge and enthuse the children. History and Geography are both adapted to suit the environment in Malawi. The curriculum also includes IT, Art, Music, Drama, French, PSHE, PE, Swimming and Design and Technology. The Pre-Nursery and Nursery are run by qualified Early Learning teachers. Every class in the school goes on educational visits during the year.

A varied extracurricular activity programme takes place every afternoon for those who choose to participate.

A qualified Learning Support teacher is available to provide support to children experiencing language and other learning difficulties.

Phoenix is a happy school where the children learn tolerance and respect for others. Children of many nationalities attend the school and all subjects with the exception of French are taught in English. Small classes of a maximum of twenty-four children provide a secure environment in which to learn. Children are encouraged to show initiative as well as to develop respect, cooperation and a sense of responsibility.

There is a system of continuous and standardized assessment, using current assessment techniques based on the British National Curriculum attainment levels in core subjects. Parents are regularly informed about their child's academic progress through twice yearly reports and parent/teacher consultations. Phoenix has a consultative atmosphere and close links with the parents are valued.

The majority of the children move on to Saint Andrew's International High School which is within walking distance of Phoenix, or to Kamuzu Academy. A small percentage go on to attend private secondary schools outside Malawi.

School prospectus



Phoenix has something for everyone:

  • Very favourable teacher to pupil ratio
  • Teaching methods based on the best of the British National Curriculum
  • Specialist teachers for Learning Support, Library, Art, Music, French, PE, IT and Swimming.
  • Lots of exciting field trips
  • Hands on IT and Science
  • User friendly internet linked Library
  • Cultural Activities: Drama, Music, Public Speaking
  • Afternoon Activities: Pottery, Aqua Fun, Dance, Math Games, Cookery, Science Club, Eco Club, Newspaper Club, Pony Club, Batik and Percussion (activities vary from term to term)
  • Sport- a wide range of teams and sporting activities
  • Optional Bible Study during lunch hour
  • Lively parent involvement
  • Active community involvement and environmental awareness